Navigating with the Rino 650

A Look at the Rino 650 from Garmin

As one of Alberta’s leaders in navigation systems, our clients often look to us for answers regarding the type of GPS that will work best for them. Over the past few years, one unit we have seen work exceptionally well is the Garmin Rino 650. This handheld unit with 2-way radio system offers some premium options you won’t find with other handheld units.

Rino 650 paired with BushMap SD Hunting Maps is a sure winner for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a minute to watch the video below outlining the benefits and special features of this Garmin GPS. If you have any questions regarding your GPS or have special requirements be sure to contact our sales team!

SkyBase Solutions retails the US version of the Rino with 5W Radio for even greater communication.


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