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16 July 2015
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New & Free – PatchMap

With these new products, PatchMap is further entrenched as the number one way to navigate in the Canadian oil & gas sector:

  • First the FREE: SkyBase has opened up a previously paid for product to free status. This blows the doors off of any similar product in the marketplace. Free MapBuddy is now Free MapBuddy with PatchMap extension automatically activated.


So what does that mean?

* Not only can you search for a wellsite and the ACTUAL well is found (not just the theoretical land location); search for bottom hole or surface, your choice; by LSD (township system) or PNG (BC’s petroleum natural gas system)

* you can also search and find Plantsites by both their land designation and their common names (a somewhat fuzzy search)

* you can move the waypoint around should you be doing the search just to get close for another purpose … say a pipeline riser or campsite location

* you are able to search for any street address

* even put in a point using any of four types of coordinate descriptions

What definitely sets MapBuddy apart is the ability to connect to a Garmin GPS to transfer points and tracks into MapBuddy and see where you’ve been or where you want to go. The handheld units have even more capabilities as they can accept both waypoints and tracks drawn in MapBuddy

* in addition, many of the Montanas that we have been selling also have cameras built in which MapBuddy also handles like the PRO tool that it is … by not just allowing their locations to be seen but also pulling the photos into the MapBuddy program so that when the MapBuddy file is saved, the photos are there too !



Competitor’s Samples:

Note that these so called competitors all find the middle of a theoretical land location (not a wellsite) half way between two actual wells, which have totally different directions of access  … which well is it then ? … how many extra kilometers will you need to drive ? … what if you can’t turn around ? … or get stuck trying ? … whose pocket will this come out of ?

There are thousands of wells like these, we didn’t even try to find this one …  BTW: the correct well location is shown in the bottom screen shot … of course it’s PatchMap.

click on the snapshots for full renderings

LSD FinderBaseLoc DLSBentek (ScadaLink TNT Energy)Oilwell Finder

  • PatchMap - MapBuddy
  • If you want to get full and proper directions into this wellsite along with much more oil & gas information, buy the full fledged PatchMap-MapBuddy product … or our new PatchMap-Web … info coming up next ….


 ****  Remember THIS IS ALL FREE !!! Download MapBuddy Today !  ****




  • Next the NEW: In harmony with the requests of many of our present PC product users, we are announcing a new product called PatchMap-Web.

PatchMap-Web is designed to be ‘on point’ for project navigational logistics … to be the tool of choice for project managers, dispatchers and safety hands.  This includes all the crews going to any jobsite, period.

* With PatchMap-Web you are just a  few clicks away from a job-specific digital oilfield map, produced from any internet connected device … so no more lost time, no more lost wages, no more lost jobs.

* PatchMap-Web is accessed via a secure webpage log-in so it can be leveraged on anything from a Windows PC to a Mac to an iPad or Android Tablet or with reduced viewing capability, any smartphone.

* What about once you’re at the site and need an ERP? or need to give directions just from the closest town? or need to know where the closest disposal well or contaminated soil landfill is? the closest hospital? the closest accommodations?  …. Guess what … we have you covered!

* Has the crew already left the yard and the logistics have changed? well, just use PatchMap-Web to accommodate the changes, the route automatically corrects itself …. then e-mail the new turn by turn directions and new map too! … which has a full zoom capability as it’s a subset of PatchMap-Web with the route highlighted … useful for visual guidance on any smart phone !

* What about road restrictions? … where are they? … what are they? height, weight, width … are there times involved? PatchMap-Web also accommodates this information (extra fees apply) along with a link to Province and State Permitting and the ability to share your intended route with them through PatchMap-Web … you’ll have to see it to believe it !

 Yup, it’s blurry … so click on it !



  • Now THIS software comes at a cost … but it’s so easy to use that you’ll be finding excuses just to log on and look around …. AND you can get a one free month trial by contacting Rob or anyone that you know who has had themselves set up to be a Leader ! (this could be you, check it out!)

More PatchMap-Web information.




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