New Saskatoon & Victoria Offices !

8 November 2015
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Right on … an office in Saskatoon !

After the Calgary Office was activated, the response from the other provincial centers was … well, pouty … so both SK and BC have representation now.

Sydney Lyndon has stepped forward to represent SkyBase Solutions and our various PatchMap products from Saskatoon … this should comfort those who prefer to do business with locals.

Please either expect a call or e-mail from Sydney … or be proactive and call him at 306-500-0995.


And not to be left out … Victoria, the BC capital has first class representation too !

SkyBase Solutions Founder and CEO Robert Coutts CST can explain or demonstrate any aspect or capability of PatchMap or any of the other SkyBase products … over the phone, with virtual (PC screen) meetings or in person.  While he’s not in Victoria all the time, this will always be the number to call when you want to have a relaxing conversation … that’s just how it is … live with it!

Should you like to learn more about the benefits of embracing any of the PatchMap products, remember, the more products that you use, the more money you will save … don’t hesitate to call Rob at 778-402-3967.


Both Sydney and Robert do a lot of travelling so it’s best to call for an appointment if you want a face to face meeting.

SkyBase Solutions produces products  that every single oil & gas service company should be using … and they are all unique to the industry … tools every bit as important as H²S or First Aid courses …  PatchMap, for instance, will be used every single day and is absolutely invaluable in an emergency !

We hear about journey management … what is more important than a proper map and the turn by turns to go with it … remember, first you have to get there !

PatchMap is the ONLY product that can perform this task no matter where your work is.

  • —  catch up to the crew by e-mailing the turns and the map too
  • —  all road speeds are adjustable based on vehicle capabilities (unique to us)
  • —  use any internet connection and device you have at your fingertips
  • —  share within or without your company


We have facilitated these continually changing processes:

  • —  create your daily ERPs then share them with each crew instantly
  • —  create EMS rendezvous plans for any particular job
  • —  know within seconds how long STARS will take to arrive
  • —  verify which disposal facility your dirty dirt or fluids will most appropriately be transported to
  • —  route only from the closest town
  • —  verify if there are restrictions affecting the chosen route (height or weight – bridges or road)
  • —  change the route with a couple of clicks (instantly updates the route for everyone)


And maybe the best part … if you find that you’d like something done differently or another capability added, you just call us and we will do our best to comply … we are from here, and this is our business, so take advantage of that !

BTW: the above is just the tip of the iceberg … our capabilities to assist others to be efficient in the field starts with PatchMap but continues into many other areas … check out Advanced Solutions on our website.


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