Off the Grid! | Delorme InReach SE Review

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Love To Be Off the Grid! – Delorme inReach SE

In this industry a large percentage of our clientele consists of those who can’t wait to get away from it all. We serve everyone from Bush Pilots to Mountain Bikers and everyone in between. The common thread they share is the enjoyment of being off the grid. SkyBase Solutions is happy to create software to meet these needs, and every now and again we will find other technology that is not our own that we feel is too good not to promote. The inReach SE from Delorme is one of those products. In short – This satellite safety device is AWESOME. (Not just our impression, but also 100% customer reviews). The Delorme InReach gets our gold star of approval.

So what makes the inReach so great?

Two Way Texting, Tracking, SOS. It is the all in one communication tool for work and play outside of cell service.

The SE model is a stand alone device that allows texting, email and social media anywhere on the face of the earth. And unlike the average SAT phone, it actually gets service! So now you can check in, relay a message, send work updates, or simply brag about that Huge fish you caught from the middle of nowhere.


In the event you don’t check in, anyone with access to your account can login online and see where you are, how long you’ve been there and get a good idea if there is an emergency. Because the inReach allows 2-way messages they can quickly send you a text to make sure all is well! You won’t find that technology anywhere else.

What if there is an emergency?

We all hope this never happens, but when you are miles from civilization and perhaps alone there is a lot that can go wrong from a mechanical issue to a broken leg or worse. If you need help simply press the SOS button and a call for help is sent. As additional security you will receive a text asking you what the situation is and keep you posted on how long it will take for help to arrive. Comparable units will give you a green light and a ‘hope for the best’.  Because of the 2-way text option you also have the option to text a friend for help. More often than not, someone you know can get there a lot faster than a helicopter can.

Subscription Plans

Another great feature of the Delorme inReach is flexibility in pricing. With 5 plans ranging from $15-50/month you can find what meets your need and budget. You can also adjust your plan seasonally. A majority of our inReach clients are snowmobilers who only need the device for 5 months of the year. Easy. inReach offers a $3.00/month hold option. Simply suspend your plan for months when it is not in use.


The new SE model from inReach can function both as a stand alone device, or can be paired with your smart phone through bluetooth. If you prefer to only carry one device this is the way to go. If you prefer the ease of texting on your phone simply sync your cell and you’re ready to go. Remember this is 2-way so you can send and receive messages.

SkyBase Solutions is happy to offer this safety and tracking device as part of our great line-up of navigational tools. Have questions – call us at 780-814-2130 or head over to

InReach SE vs InReach comparison chart


“Getting out of cell phone range can feel like a treat these days—until you twist an ankle on your hike or forget where exactly the meeting point was. The InReach SE is a satellite communicator that allows its users to send and receive text messages and post to social media no matter how far off-grid they’ve wandered. Just in case you don’t trust DeLorme’s Iridium satellite network, which boasts 100 percent global coverage, the device also displays delivery confirmation of each message on its color-screen. A lithium battery packing 100 hours of life, and the device is primed for bashing around: it’s waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant. If you do twist an ankle in the middle of nowhere, just trigger an SOS and talk with the company’s 24/7 rescue center while they come to take you back to civilization.”

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