How to Organise, Document & Link to your Fieldwork by using MapBuddy - PatchMap


Highly useful capabilities have just been added to PatchMap DisPatch – MapBuddy.

  • *  Will the program be harder to run? … of course not, many will not even notice a difference.
  • *  Will the program look significantly different? … of course not, scaring our present users is a bad idea.
  • *  Will the program allow users to link to every single job they have ever been at? … YUP, you sure could !
  • *  Will the program allow users to have links to multiple onsite photos from one icon? … YUP, that’s already there (maybe you missed it) !
  • *  Will the program keep two people from altering a particular file at the same time? … YUP, that’s been around for a few weeks already !
  • *  Will the program allow users to hyperlink to folders/files on your Dropbox? … YUP, critical information isn’t always on your laptop !
  • *  Will the program allow several more attributes for any Waypoint you create?  … YUP, now add dates or client’s name or job type or anything pertinent  !
  • *  Will the program allow filtering of these new attributes?  … YUP absolutely, that’s what makes this a much more diverse and useful tool !
  • *  Can the file actually reside on your Dropbox so everyone can get at it? … YUP, or perhaps accessible via VPN !


 It all boils down to this: PatchMap cuts a hole in this wall which makes the route to the end almost without curves. Would you prefer to follow the others … or use this newly created, significantly easier way ?

This refinement allows you to visualise on a map all the worksites that you’ve worked at … last month, last year, for ever … your choice. Not only can you see where they were but who you were working for, what kind of job it was, dates you were there, and three or four more other parameters. You can connect to any documents for that job; from bids to end value to job specific returns/bills/reports even other PatchMap files.

So a customer calls wondering how many jobs over a particular amount and of a particular type over the course of some arbitrary length of time … how long would that take for you to squeeze the answer out of your system right now? With PatchMap Dispatch working on the MapBuddy platform, you could dial it in while doing small talk ! … not only that but you could grab the information in a file that was nearby another job and be able to bid it in half the time you’re doing it in now because you have ready access to the old information.

So … that never happens to you but it sure would be nice to have a better handle on job logistics … from routing to the nearest hospital to put into your daily ERPs (emergency response plans) to where the camps or drilling rigs or waste facilities or plantsites … well you name it, are … to be able to look them up ONCE and save all your doodlings to a singular place so you don’t have to do it all over again. I’m sure that you have a system now … but what if your new system had 175,000 kilometers more roads in it so that you could actually route all the way from one location to another instead of it being a half assed guess? … maybe you’re moving over dimension loads and need road bans or need to travel slower than the normal speeds … well just turn on the road ban layer (even links straight to those who can take care of the permits) … or adjust the speeds in our tooling and so that you have accurate travel times ! NO OTHER SYSTEM can do this for you ! (they can’t change the speeds when they don’t have the roads to begin with!)


We know that looking over a website that has a lot of different offerings that look very similar to each other, even if they have documentation like we do, is just so confusing that you really just want to talk to someone … well please pick up the phone or fire us a quick email asking for a call back and we will dive into what you are doing, determine which of our PatchMap products would best serve your situation, or maybe you need something we don’t supply … heck, we will point you in the correct direction, connect you with others who would be able to help your situation.

Basically, if it has anything to do with GPS or GIS and you’d like to understand things better … CALL !



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