PatchMap-Lite has finally arrived !!

18 March 2016
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For several years others have been creating shallow versions of our mainstay PatchMap SD for Garmin GPS product. Anyone who has compared the products side by side knows that they are very different tools with a similarity that is only skin deep … the inference to what they’re supposed to do. These light versions have traditionally priced their so called ‘competitive’ product at a much lower price point and resellers who mostly just want to make a sale and don’t care to take the time to describe or show the differences between the real deal and facsimiles thereof, will sell the (so called) competitor’s product instead … the way of the world.

Well, PatchMap-Lite … a straight-up competitor to these other products is now available at all the normal places that you’d expect … and guess what, it’s lower priced than theirs …. more than 25% less … ’cause that’s all theirs was ever worth. They were leveraging the pricing of our full bodied PatchMap SD product to weasel a higher profit … well no longer!

PatchMap-Lite LSD

Why now? Well all things have their proper timing and this is PatchMap-Lite’s time! It’s simple to use, you don’t even know that it’s there and yet it’s still more complete than the other products! Team this up with our free MapBuddy PC product and you will never need to update … and will still be able to find the actual wellsites!

I was getting tired of seeing the others put a new date on an unchanged product and calling it new or an update! They had incorrect and incomplete base data to begin with and it didn’t get any better over time because they never did know what they were doing … it was just a money grab!

So, here you go: PatchMap-Lite … the 80% solution to navigating within the ‘civilized’ areas of western Canada where oil and gas locations exist and at less that 3/4 of the price of any of the competitors too!

Remember, the real deal (PatchMap-SD) is a stepping stone away and we will allow you full value credit to step up to it should you find that PatchMap-Lite doesn’t quite cut it!

That’s just simply a great deal any way you look at it … wouldn’t you say?


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