PatchMap-Lite allows you to search for and then navigate; using Garmin's roads, to any LSD (Township Legal Subdivision) or PNG (Petroleum Natural Gas) land description in western Canada. By leveraging the ability of our Free MapBuddy PC program, any wellsite in existence can be found with no need to update EVER !


Navigate to any LSD or PNG from Manitoba to BC. With the best price point in the business, along with ease of use it also carries a 100% credit to upgrade to the full bodied PatchMap-GPS product ... should you realize that it's not quite good enough, what else could you want?

Compatible Devices

Any Garmin nuvi GPS is an appropriate unit. In order to make PatchMap-Lite an always up to date wellsite tool, download our Free MapBuddy product as you can search for any wellsite and transfer these locations to your GPS. This means that this product will never be out of date!

Price Tag

Priced at $149 this is the best priced LSD locator in the marketplace and it's upgradable to PatchMap-GPS with a full credit! *** in addition we will accept any competitors SD card as a straight across trade ... how about that!


PatchMap-Lite for Garmin GPS $149.00

Covering the Township System in all 4 Western Provinces and PNG system in the O&G area of BC
Works with all Garmin GPS units


All physical products will be shipped within 1-3 business days