PatchMap-PC 2.0


PatchMap-PC 2.0 is the tried and true off-line champion in our stable of products. Due to popular demand we have resurrected it from the ashes and have enhanced many things ... from how it is deployed and updated, communicates with modern Garmin GPS units to handling bulk conversions and grabbing web based info before going off-line. ** PatchMap-PC 2.0, unlike it's predecessor but similar to other PatchMap computer products is now sold on a subscription model. ** Please Note: PatchMap-PC 2.0 is not usable in Garmin's BaseCamp software and is locked to a single computer.


This is a tool for the diehards ... the bushmen ... the old school laptop users; those who need to work off-line no matter what ... are comfortable with an open laptop riding on a pedestal with a GPS hooked up to it ... who don't have to sweet talk the IT guy into getting it installed. ** If this doesn't describe you ... please, please ... choose another product. ** If you have a Mac and don't have Parallels loaded already ... save us both some grief and choose PatchMap-Web; it works great on a Mac.


Although we now have better products for dispatching and those requiring imagery in the background, PatchMap-PC 2.0 is still the most capable tool for off-line field planning, routing and navigation ... especially if used as a large GPS (via nRoute). Anyone working beyond cell phone range will be attracted to the completeness and capability of this product. ** All the search functions are still there and we have added more ways to search for the same locations. The LSD symbols and text that used to be unavoidable, no longer complicate the map. The DEM shows up as a hill shaded background so contour lines are less important and have been removed. The DEM allows automatically adding an elevation to a Waypoint or profiling a road, trail or pipeline route. ** PatchMap-PC 2.0 is not usable in Garmin's BaseCamp software.

Compatible Operating Systems

PatchMap-PC 2.0 is a Windows only program ... that means if you have a Mac laptop you will need to put a Windows OS on it (Google 'Parallels'). ** Communicating with new Garmin GPS units is something that MapSource cannot do so we have created some complementary tools for these purposes. As the MapSource program has been deprecated by Garmin years ago already, there is no longer any support for the changing technologies that need to connect to it so it has forced us to build the 'ramps' on and off the platform. If it wasn't such a damn good, way ahead of it's time product, we wouldn't bother ... As previously stated, this system is not for the faint of heart.

Price Tag

One year subscription price is $795. ** There are discounts for multiple subscriptions: eg. four bought at the same time would be $646 each. For these discounts, please give us a call. ** Unlike the previous versions of PatchMap that ran on the MapSource platform, PatchMap-PC 2.0 will cease to function at the end of the subscription period.


PatchMap-PC 2.0, just like our other PatchMap products, is updated once each month. An email will be sent out as soon as they are available. In the e-mail will be a link to your personal update. The link will not work if your subscription has expired. Updates for the duration of the subscription year are at no cost. ** Updates will be done similar to the on-line installation ... there is a significant download, as the file is large, followed by the installation of the new dataset. Updates are not mandatory, only made available as they are created. ** If you don't update during the subscription period, they do not carry forward. ** At the end of the subscription, PatchMap-PC 2.0 datasets will cease to be available for use.

It’s back … PatchMap on MapSource !


Annual Subscription – New Pricing – $200 off – $795.00/year


All online orders may take up to 48hrs to process. Digital log-ins, passwords and unlock codes will be provided via email.