PatchMap - Mobile


PatchMap Mobile is the Industry Leading Oil & Gas search, navigation and situational awareness tool. It starts as a "LSD & PNG Search" tool which will then route you on a choice of Google Maps or PatchMap road systems. .. PatchMap has always been the real deal which searches for pretty much everything under the O&G sun, regular addresses and Emergency Services ... to make sure you get there, prefered routing occurs on the Industry leading PatchMap road dataset which is kept current on a monthly basis just like all other PatchMap products.


Routing anywhere in western Canada with specialised tooling for the oil and gas sector. Searches find the centroid of the LSD or PNG and route on either road dataset. By far the most comprehensive, complete and cheapest full searching and routing tool for the oil & gas industry. Contains all the latest capabilities of our PC products and more.


The BEST searches available. The BEST routing available. The BEST safety available. Current Rig Location Icons with AER information and instantly routable. *** Open Camp and participating Hotel icons instantly routable and hyperlinked to LODGELINK booking pages. *** Where am I (map drill down) and where are you (coordinate conversion) buttons.

Compatible Devices

Any Smartphone or tablet with built-in GPS. *** Must have an internet connection and the GPS 'location' activated for the app.

Price Tag

This is a subscription based app with a 7 day free trial. As many users we spoke to preferred a shorter rather than yearly time period, we built PatchMap as a monthly subscription with a cost of $9.95 ... so if you don't need it for a few months, just revoke the subscription and pick it up again down the road.


Updates are occurring in the background on a monthly basis but can come as quickly as overnight in emergencies.

Look for this icon on the iTunes or Google Play stores

Just like PatchMap anywhere else, search and route to any oil & gas facility in western Canada.

There are many functions that are easier on the phone like:

connecting to LodgeLink Accommodations

Province and State Road Ban Permits … you could be on your way in under 2 minutes from now!

Route on the only road map that is specifically for oil & gas.