PatchMap System

PatchMap is the best (only) oil and gas search, route and share system for western Canada with the speciality of routing on real roads in not just the oil and gas sector, but all of western Canada.

PatchMap comes in several forms depending on what you might need it for:

  • PatchMap-Web

  • If you are office bound and have a PC at your disposal, and are doing things such as: job bidding, dispatching or developing Emergency Response Plans, the version that we would suggest is PatchMap-Web. Follow the link, where you can set up your own two week trial. This version opens from a log-in so it is easily shared around the office (one active user at a time) and since it is a login, can be used even at home on an iPad should the need arise (no need to come to the office). As this is a subscription based software, you pay from within the application. We do have discounts for multiples, so after you have activated a few trial accounts, just call us and we can make a deal offline. See more here.
  • find LSD wellsites plantsites oilfield POI's facilities in Alberta Saskatchewan and NE British Columbia.
  • PatchMap MapBuddy

  • If you need a more complete experience where you might be planning various routes or job combinations and want to save these ‘thoughts’ in a file … or have field data that you’d like to document; environmental, inspections, archeological or simply jobsite locations … with attachments such as photos or files of information associated with a particular location that you want an easy way to access … and from a map, then the MapBuddy version of PatchMap will be what you need. If you have a need to associate photos to locations on a map and retain the linkage so that they can be shared with others, then this is your tool of choice. As MapBuddy (both the free version and the PatchMap version) communicates with Garmin GPS units, should you need or like to be able to visualise field work on a map, this is your tool of choice.
  • Start by downloading MapBuddy here then PatchMap will be available immediately or through the extensions tab. As the PatchMap Extension is subscription based, you pay from within the application. We do have discounts for multiples, so after you have activated a few trial accounts, just call us and we can make a deal offline.  See more here.













  • PatchMap PC 2.0

  • This version of PatchMap is for full off-line use. It runs on the deprecated Garmin program called MapSource via a small program that we wrote so that there can be communications with the modern versions of Garmins. This version leverages nRoute (sister program to MapSource) for navigating … it needs a USB 18 GPS to be able to use it as a large screen GPS. This is still a popular version for those who need the real deal out in the bush. Pricing is a subscription and is the same for all three PC versions of PatchMap so if one doesn’t work for you, another one will and we simply activate/deactivate appropriately. See more here.


  • PatchMap Garmin GPS

  • Should you be interested in navigating in a vehicle in the hinterlands where you’ll be off the grid most of the time, then an SD card for a Garmin GPS is your best choice. There is no better choice for workers who may have to navigate to an unscheduled location ANYWHERE in western Canada. The above link will take you to the webpage where the PatchMap SD card can be bought but if you’d like more than one, just phone us … or try one and if you like it, call then for more and we can accomodate the first price into a multiple
  • unit deal. See more here.


  • PatchMap iOS App … PatchMap Android App

  • As many feel that they already have a smartphone with a GPS built in and that they can live with the unavailability of being able to use an app that needs to be connected to the internet to work if they get most of the abilities most of the time, we have built an application that is available through the app stores that does just that. Check out your app store … look for “PatchMap”.  See more here.