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One of our most frequently asked questions is in regards to our updates. Customers are wanting to know how often a PatchMap update happens, how do they complete the update, is there a cost to update PatchMap? We are also asked what areas are updated, and how a customer should know when they need to update.

How Often is PatchMap Updated?

PatchMap is update 4 times per year. SkyBase Solutions receives information year ’round from many different sources. We use this information to make PatchMap the most complete oilfield mapping system on the market. When we feel there is enough new information that has been added to warrant, we create a new version/update for PatchMap. We will send an email to anyone who has purchased PatchMap from us (if you purchased your PatchMap through a re-seller you may simply complete our registration form to be added into the SkyBase customer database). This email is an alert to let you know an update is available.

Do I Need to do Every Update?

Updates can be done as often or as little as you see fit. For example if you are using your PatchMap for recreational purposes you may only need to update the card once per year to get the new road information. If you are using your GPS to find new lease location in newly developed areas, you will need to update more frequently (2-3x per year). The updates are cumulative. For example if you do not do complete Fall update 2012, when you complete Winter update 2013, this will include everything that was updated in Fall 2012. How often you do an update is to your discretion. If you start to notice the information you are looking for is not there…its time for an update!

How Much does it Cost?

A PatchMap update for your Garmin GPS is $75.00. This is a one time update charge (not a subscription). We offer volume discounts on updates, if you are updating more than one unit at a time.

What Areas are Updated?

When added well and road information into PatchMap we do not focus on one particular area. We add information in the order which it is received. The Canadian Oil Patch is growing at a rapid pace. Each update include 1000’s of new well and roads across Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

How do I Update my PatchMap?

Each time an update of PatchMap is released, we will send out an email to all PatchMap clients. In this email there will be a link to the update download. (If you have a slow internet connection or are having trouble completing the download, please feel free to contact us. We will send you a simple CD installer free of charge.)

  1. Remove your SD or MicroSD card from your GPS and put it into your computer.
  2. Click on the PatchMap update link. This will download the Zip File (may take a few minutes)
  3. Unzip the file and complete the installation process.
  4. If you are under subscription your install will complete
  5. If you need to purchase the update you will be prompted to contact us for your activation code.

Have a question about an update. Feel free to post here. Your questions may help other users!

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