PatchMap vs BushMap

We are often asked the difference between PatchMap and our BushMap program. BushMap is designed more for those looking for recreational maps. They include the same detailed road data that was built for PatchMap.

  1. PatchMap covers Saskatchewan, Alberta and North East BC. BushMap covers Alberta and North East BC
  2. PatchMap includes wellsite information that allows you to search a wellhead with Operator & License Date
  3. BushMap outlines the Wildlife Management units necessary for hunting. PatchMap does not include the WMU’s
  4. BushMap shows pipelines. PatchMap outlines the Right of Ways.

If you have any other questions to help you choose between PatchMap and BushMap, post your comments here. Your questions may help other users!

3 responses on “PatchMap vs BushMap

  1. Tim says:

    Do you guys plan on covering Saskatchewan with BushMap in the future?

  2. Lisa Elford says:

    Hi There Tim,

    Short answer Yes!
    The reasoning for BushMap only covering Alberta and NE British Columbia was that the Wildlife Management Units were not available to us in the past. We have access to them now. We are also working to extend BushMap to cover the full province of BC. There is not a set date for when this will be finalized but it is in the works. Please stay tuned here as well as through Facebook for product updates. We will post as soon as the extended version update is available.

  3. Gerry bernier says:

    I’m looking for a map of area 5-02b horsefly bc for hunting.
    I do have BRMAPS. But am looking for a map of that area only2x3 would be nice.


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