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So … you’re looking at bidding a project and you need to wrap your head around all the logistics … get ALL the info for a competitive bid by leveraging PatchMap-Web (if you’re smart).

What all do you need to know in order to get the full picture … well it starts with:

  • – where is it
    •  * LSD/PNG or Lat/Long or Plantsite name or street address or active drilling rig location
  • – how far from town
    •  * fuel & water for operations
    •  * crew logistics
  • – how far to nearest Plantsite
    •  * for safety (existing STARS LZ)
  • – how far to nearest hospital will dictate:
    •  * special medic vehicle
    •  * onsite medic
    •  * STARS LZ application
  • – where can the boys (and girls) stay
    •  * is there an open camp nearby
      •  ** how far from the worksite
      •  ** what will it cost … who to talk to
  • – maybe where are the nearest waste disposal locations if that is a need to know for you
    •  *how far and how long will it take to round trip
  • – where are the road bans
    •  *what’s the easiest way to get a permit
    •  * will there need to be special routing and a road use agreement


You’ll need to give directions to different crews, perhaps coming from different directions, especially if you have road use agreements in place so what is the best way to make sure everyone gets it right?

  •  * what if the same tool that answered ALL the above questions was also able to send a designated routing to all the suppliers to the project who could share that with their hotshots and truckers through an ‘ActiveMap’ right to each driver?

And what if I told you that this tool could be shared between different sergeant at arms within your operations for a bit more than a mere $2/day ??? … and

  •  * if your operations are very seasonal, it can be available in three month segments
    •  ** drop it when your season is over, pick it up again next year and all the saved info is still there?
  •  * you like it a bunch and want several ‘seats’ … we have volume discounts, starting at … yup, TWO

So if you really want to be the big dog with all the magic, just start a free PatchMap-Web trial …

well, RIGHT NOW 😉

  •  * We have teamed up with Province & State Permitting with an active layer, updated at least once each week, that displays the designated type of road ban (maybe it’s a width restriction that doesn’t affect you) … AND has active links in the map that takes you straight to their website for getting a permit.
  •  * We also have an arrangement with LodgeLink, the consolidated authority of where the open camps and participating Hotels are, again with active methods keeping the data current and hotlinks directly to the particular camps (eg).
  •  * We have a daily changing (AER) Active Drilling Rig location layer with active links that can be instantly routed to.
  •  * If you are wondering about the weather … we also have an active layer that links directly to all the hwy webcams in western Canada.
  •  * That designated route I spoke of above … how does that work?
    •  ** our routing tool helps you create an email that our server sends to …  let’s say a driver that needs to know the correct route from the road use agreement … it automatically sends the turn by turns but also can send an ‘ActiveMap‘ allowing a smartphone to open a fully zoomable subset of our webmap … the phone’s location can be seen and they have no excuse if they deviate!

As you can see, this isn’t just to bid a project, it also is the very best tool to use throughout the duration.

What more could you use to have a one stop shop for all your Oil & Gas logistical needs? … I’m sure that we aren’t done (and there are somethings still under the hood) but let us know if there’s something else that would make this tooling even more kick-ass than it already is.




Don’t take the route of others … just break through the wall and let us take you straight to the prize 😉

Happy trails (now that we have removed the trials) !


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