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PatchMap-Web is the ever ready, operating system agnostic, navigational and field logistical tool made for casual and emergency planning, including the creation of an ActiveMap. Ya ... that's a mouthful ... and so is PatchMap-Web. This tool should be used by anyone working or offering services anywhere in the Canadian oil and gas industry ... it's that good. *** Excellent 911 navigational tool ***


PatchMap-Web is designed to be 'on point' for project navigational logistics ... to be the tool of choice for project managers, dispatchers and safety hands. This rolls out to include all the crews going to any jobsite ,,, period. *** With PatchMap-Web you are just a few clicks away from a job-specific ActiveMap (digital oilfield map) , produced from any internet connected device ... so no more lost time, no more lost wages , no more lost jobs.


Daily use of PatchMap-Web would require the most comprehensive set of continually updated oilfield roads in existence ... so it does. Once each week we update the road database and once a month the tiles catch up (it's a 5 day process). Sharing locations and routes is an obvious necessity so we designed a way for you to share with anyone within the PatchMap-Web system ... or anyone else by e-mailing them the turns and even an ActiveMap (fully zoomable route map) . *** PatchMap continues to include all the things that set us apart from any other system: searches that always take you to the surface location of wellsites; searches by operator for compressorsites and plantsites, even street addresses and GPS coordinates. Another PatchMap exclusive is radio frequencies attached to the road names, along with kilometer posts. *** At SkyBase Solutions we understand, that the difference is in the details.

Compatible Devices

PatchMap-Web is accessed via a secure webpage log-in so it can be leveraged on anything from a Windows PC to a Mac to an iPad or Android Tablet or with reduced viewing capability, any smartphone.

Price Tag

We now have three month subscriptions for $280; six month subscriptions for $435 and one year subscriptions for $795. ** There are discounts for multiple subscriptions: eg. four bought at the same time would be $808 each. For these discounts or any other questions, please give us a call at 780-814-2130.


At SkyBase we work hard to keep our products up to date and keep you heading in the right direction. We provide updates to both the PatchMap-Web software and the datasets that it accesses on a continual basis. Should you have particular updates that you think need priority, simply share them with us.


FREE !! for an introductory period: Road Restrictions & Bridge Weight Restrictions from Province & State Permitting ** and Drilling Rig Locations ... YES, FREE !! ** Ask for the two week trial ! ** OR ... Create your own trial account here: ... and you will be able to turn the trial into a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription from inside the application.

Geographical Information in PatchMap Oilfield Maps+

Geographical Information in PatchMap


PatchMap Search Options

Sample Route Calculation on PatchMap-Web+

Sample - Route Calculation

Unique - Relative to Location Search Options+

Unique - Relative to Location Search Options

Nearest Hospital+

Sample - Nearest Hospital

Sample - Email Directions+

Sample - Email Directions

Self Centering via Cell or GPS+

Self Centering via Cell or GPS

Road Ban Layer+

Road Ban Layer


… you will be able to turn the trial into a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription from inside the application.

New Pricing: $795.00/year … that’s $200 off !