"Picture's Worth 1000 Words" add your Business and you get "MapBuddy 4Business"

10 July 2017
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Our primary business revolves around the oil & gas industry so we tend to look at products from that point of view but ANY operation that does business outside their own four walls can benefit from that bigger view … the “Picture’s Worth 1000 Words” view that MapBuddy 4Business offers.

We are actually talking about GIS (Geographical Information System) … everyone uses GIS without realising it. If you use Bing or Google Maps to get across town or to plan your next vacation, you are leveraging GIS. MapBuddy is a just a personalised GIS … one where you can not only visualise your plans and trips but also download your GPS Tracks and Waypoints of those that have already happened.


If you are a Geocacher, you can manipulate GeoCaches (a GPS location hide and seek crowdsourced game) that you want to visit or have visited, or download photos from your GPS, or even your smartphone, open the photo from an auto-created camera icon … kind of a great tool for FREE.

Even this Free MapBuddy version allows a lengthy comment on each Waypoint, to change the icon, to make them visible or not, to save each trip as a separate file or to drag and drop them into your life story; export Waypoints and Tracks to other software … very versatile.

So what does the 4Business version do extra? How about adding some relevant attributes that you can use to sort the whole map so only selected Waypoints display. Perhaps you’ll be having a meeting with a company and you only want them to see a map with their information on it … zap, everyone else is gone! Each user will like different headings for these attributes so you change them to whatever you’d like, then save them to the file … open a new file for a different sort of job … save a different heading preset or have the same headings every time you open a MapBuddy file.

Maybe you’d like to know, as in the case of the file shown above, how many beds there are in a particular area: choose the particular Lodges and filter … oh I see that some aren’t open, filter those too … there’s your new map with only the ones that you’re interested in being visible. So maybe you want to visit those lodges … connect your Garmin GPS and press send … now they are in your GPS and off you go ! This works in reverse as well … connect your GPS and press Receive and all your Tracks and saved Waypoints (Favorites) are instantly added to the map.

Your business could be brick and mortar renovations where you need to navigate to an address, take pictures of the existing, maybe draw sketches, digital or otherwise and put all of this information into a folder on the server when you’re back at the office … but wait, MapBuddy can navigate you to the worksite, collect all of your digital information into a file folder and link to that folder right in MapBuddy. If the company uses Dropbox, the folder would be instantly linked to, for anyone at the company … as soon as you dropped it in, it could be accessed by anyone else immediately … no emailing files … simple!

The Dropbox system works great for those who don’t habitually go back to or always start their work schedule at the office … say for field sales reps. They could share their tracks and contacts through MapBuddy … I know that there are already many CRM programs out there but this is a simple, visual way to add to the value to the business.

I have no idea what business you are in but if it takes you out of the four walls of where your desk is, MapBuddy 4Business can be the glue that keeps your business efficient!

Just because we have all these features that work well on the map doesn’t take away from other things that you might want to do with the information … maybe you’d like to export to csv (file format for excel spreadsheets) and manipulate in excel where you’re more comfortable … DONE.

If you want this “field GIS” data to get put into the bigdog GIS at the office … export as a shape file and DONE.

If you want each job to have it’s own MapBuddy file, but be able to add it to the “BIG PICTURE” file that goes up on the wall on a big screen monitor for everyone to see … drag and drop … DONE!

How much inefficiency are you leaving on the table? Just one glance at the map and you’ll remember something that you had to do and didn’t or somewhere you were supposed to be … oh ya, right now.

If you have equipment or rentals all over the place … what better way to keep track of them than use MapBuddy where they can all be seen at a glance?

What if your rentals are sometimes sold on-site like damaged road matting is. If the customer beats it up too much, they bought it … so your inventory becomes a nightmare to keep track of; so visualize it … with MapBuddy 4Business, create an attribute column that keeps track … easy peasy.

From now on our full blown PatchMap DisPatch product will come with this capability at no extra cost … we will have reduced pricing for those who can live without it.

Any other version of MapBuddy can have 4Business added for less than $0.70/day .. for a business picture that’s worth a 1000 words!

Remember, if you have any questions associated with GPS or GIS that you would like the mystery removed from … just contact us !


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