"Plans of Mice and Men"

1 April 2015
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As a field surveyor I was often sent to do the oddball work as (I suppose) I could engineer the job right in the field if required. One such incident found me on location ostensibly to position piles for a small compressor on a wellsite. When the consultant arrived he had no plan layout of the facility, actually we had to wait for a building to show up so we could measure it’s dimensions.


In the meantime I found the corners of the lease, the buried pipe coming into the small building already on-site and got a layout ready for the new building. When it arrived, the ‘work end’ of the building was on the opposite side as was assumed (remember the definition of assumed?) and the plan had to be reworked significantly. Additionally there was to be a small flare stack located on the location but because of poor relations with the farmer (who’s land this was on) we could not take any more space than was already leased. As there are strict requirements of distances from the wellhead and any possible ignition source, this meant routing the above ground pipe overtop of the pipeline to the flare (certainly a first for me). The point is, more things are ‘field fit’ in real life than are actually ‘engineered’ and truth be known, I always found an error or two in the engineered drawings anyway.

Have the best tools at your disposal … starting with PatchMap and PatchMap DisPatch!

Work safely. know where you are going and where you are at all times.

Now that would be planning ahea



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