4Business Overview

MapBuddy DisPatch 4Business is the Extension to MapBuddy that leverages all of MapBuddy DisPatch and adds extra attributes to each point that enhances the GIS capabilities. Filtering the attributes allows quick visual and load to GPS changes. The datasets can be exported either filtered or entirely into spreadsheet or GIS formats.


This version has abilities that allows very complete control of visualizing a business's assets eg equipment or jobsites and allows connectivity to folders or singular files associated with that asset (job or piece of equipment). As the data is accessible directly from the map, much of the day to day business needs can be visualized on or via the map.


Beyond the navigational capabilities of MapBuddy PatchMap we have a light GIS tool that will satisfy the GIS needs for most small to medium size businesses and branch offices.

Compatible Devices

This is a Windows PC only product enhancement to MapBuddy.

Price Tag

This is a yearly subscription that calculates out to $2.73/day ... that is $995/year.


Updates happen magically in the background and the program downloads any changes each time it is opened.


More Attributes for Points


Change Default Column Headers


Create a Filter - Closed Camps


The Filter is Applied

 Annual Subscription – $995/year

All online orders may take up to 48 hrs to process. Digital log-ins, passwords and unlock codes will be provided via email.