Rig Locations FREE (for now) on PatchMap-Web

16 November 2015
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We know … why would we give this information away when several others are charging you a pretty handsome amount ? They claim to have more ‘contacts’ which should mean better … but so far users disagree ?

Well, after a close look at what was available from AER & asking a few users of the brand ‘x’ systems who complain of the data being two wells behind or getting a spreadsheet, then having to figure out where the wells are on a map … well why not just open PatchMap-Web that automatically has today’s data in it and go to work !


Users claimed that the data seemed to be current … eg. NOT two locations behind, so it is at least as good that way and so much easier to use … what else needs to be said?

For about the same amount of cash that was spent on a system that e-mails you a pdf once a day that you then need to make some sense out of (Patchmap would be your best choice BTW) you can get PatchMap-Web that has a whole pile of searching and routing functionality, printing maps even e-mailing an ActiveMap to a smartphone (you should see this; it’s kick ass) AND get the Rig locations for FREE … kind of a no-brainer, eh?

As you can see you can create routes to them instantly … does it get any easier ?



Please Notice:  … there’s a special on for the Christmas season … 20% off on any of the PatchMap computer products (as you know, this never happens) … and the volume discounts are relative to the Christmas pricing (lucky you).

Stay tuned for a blog entry on ActiveMap … catch up to the guy who just left without his ERP … solution.





2 responses on “Rig Locations FREE (for now) on PatchMap-Web

  1. Larry Bradshaw says:

    Question, does your mapping software “PatchMap-Web” also locate rigs in the Permian basin?

  2. Rob Coutts says:

    This is a Canadian only product … sorry, no Permian Basin.

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