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5 June 2017
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As you know, we are in the software business and have to continually deal with being a minor player in this world of software giants.

One of the more costly problems that we face is the ever increasing scrutiny of Virus and Malware programs that want to trigger our offerings as “Unrecognised Application”.  We use Microsoft ‘Clickonce’ deployment, follow all the rules, certify the program and still end up having to get a user to turn off or even delete their Virus software (it happen today) in order for the program to be able to run … this should not be the case, yet here we have it. As you can see from the screenshot, even Windows Defender has an issue with every new deployment we create.

Granted, most software doesn’t get updated as often as ours … we are continuously fine tuning, fixing small issues, adding requested capabilities and I (for one) am not happy when a program that originally cost a user a couple hundred dollars eats up that much in support calls and that much again in downtime of our programmer but especially when it’s not due to anything that we have done incorrectly.

Ya, I know that this is more of a rant than anything else but is a reflection of most things we have to deal with everywhere these days … I just completed a mandatory on-line CRA survey that goes out to several thousand companies and it has an inconsistency that keeps you from completing the survey … WTF? … on another large company’s website, I had to remove the dashes in my phone number in order for a newsletter sign-up to work … where’s the QC? We see these things all the time … maybe it’s like when you buy a VW bug, then seem to see them everywhere you look ..?

All that to say … if you are asked, like I was a few moments ago (as seen above), just say that it’s OK and press “Run anyway” and get the show (MapBuddy in this case) on the road !

Now, since I’ve been bitching about lack of QC, here’s what I’m asking: “If any of you smart users (that’s all of you) have a problem with ANYTHING while using our software, just give us a call so we can fix it” … not just for you but for me too, ’cause I use the software myself and because of that, tend to catch most conflicts … If we don’t know that it’s broken, we can’t fix it!

That’s all for now 😉


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