Shape File Converter

Another Free Tool from SkyBase

Ever need to convert an ERSI shape file into another file format?

This program we created for internal use but have given it away pretty much since it’s birth: SHP to GPX Tool 

This is a simple tool to turn any of your SHP files into a track that will open in MapSource or BaseCamp or MapBuddy which can then be uploaded to a Garmin GPS or one of several software products that can read the gpx format.

A polyline will be converted to a Track, points into Waypoints (Favorites) … then use MapBuddy (projects or jobs etc) where a combined file can be created by simply dragging a bunch (or one at a time) of .gpx or .bud files into the program …  save the combined file or export it. Share the .bud file with anyone … they can use the free MapBuddy program to load their Garmin GPS units with whatever you built.

If you are using a Garmin GPS for positioning, getting GIS shape files from the office or surveyors or want to produce files shareable back to them, MapBuddy makes field work easy. Note: only handheld Garmins can upload tracks but all Garmins can upload Waypoints (Favorites). Even photos can be georeferenced with MapBuddy (and loaded back to a Garmin with a built-in camera)

Built by a surveyor for real world field applications..

Enjoy !