Project Logistic Teams have few to no tools that they can use to hold suppliers and/or transporters to important timelines and transportation costs. This is a simple to use tool that forces a prospective service supplier to an agreed upon supply route, timeline and cost FOB project or fabrication shop. This keeps a handle on the transportation costs of the purchased items where it belongs, with the purchaser.


Large construction Projects, especially in the oil & gas and mining sectors, suffer from a lack of control of the transportation costs of parts, equipment and fabricated skids arriving by diverse directions and routes. This method is both hi-tech and low-tech enough to allow everyone along the service supply chain to participate and to allow Project supervisors a proper determination of the timely progression and proper transportation costs of a Project. As the warehouseman can log-on to see why it hasn't arrived, responsibility for tracking is easily shared and all can see if the time & cost curve is on track.


Projects, POs, Split Ships and Change Orders are monitored by route, distance, time and costs. Anyone in the supply chain can determine where the part is along the expected path and timeline. The project supervisor can monitor the associated cost so as to control the project’s overall logistics and renegotiate pricing if necessary. This method spans between companies and services seamlessly and fills a gap between other systems being used. There is a reporting system built in and available to all users that monitors the KPI (key point indicator) parameters, using easily understood metrics - colored icons.

Compatible Devices

This is a web connected tool so any device that can see the internet is one that will work. For proper viewing a full size screen will be the most comfortable. For on-screen reports, larger screens or multiple screens will make for happier campers.


As a web log-in subscription, updates are seamlessly applied when you log-in. Any updates to the underlying program will be coordinated with clients.


Chase has a pricing structure based on the number of Accounts that are active. SkyBase will supply an Administrator Account to the client. The Administrator is responsible for creating and managing all subsequent Accounts. The number and type of Accounts will be monitored and monthly documentation supplied to client for payment on a per Account basis. Pricing is negotiated depending on volume and client needs.


This is the Administrators Action Grid



The Order List has both a quick summary and color coded icons for QC of Orders



A route Map is agreed upon right inside the Chase program