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10 July 2017
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“Picture’s Worth 1000 Words” add your Business and you get “MapBuddy 4Business”

Our primary business revolves around the oil & gas industry so we tend to look at products from that point of view but ANY operation that does business outside their own four walls can benefit from that bigger view … the “Picture’s Worth 1000 Words” view that MapBuddy 4Business offers. We are actually talking about […]

5 June 2017
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Security & QC | Worry not, We’re GOOD

As you know, we are in the software business and have to continually deal with being a minor player in this world of software giants. One of the more costly problems that we face is the ever increasing scrutiny of Virus and Malware programs that want to trigger our offerings as “Unrecognised Application”.  We use Microsoft […]