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15 December 2015
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Did you know? … PatchMap-PC 2.0 is here !

As our only off-line PC product, PatchMap-PC 2.0 can be used as a large size GPS for navigation (via the included nRoute program) and for upload/download GPS communications for interaction with PatchMap. Designed to go off-line for an extended period  … to plan a project or collect data and assess it or transfer ideas and data back and forth […]

14 November 2015
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MapSource is Back (Soon)

Just a quick note for all you PatchMap users that really don’t want to leave the off-line platform of MapSource … it’s back! … or will be soon. With all the technology changes in the last few years since Garmin put MapSource into retirement, there has not emerged a proper replacement … and we should know. […]