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27 August 2017
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Fall is in the Air – Time for a SALE !

The best “Trucker Map” is one that covers Everywhere While we do build paper truck maps, why not have a map that covers the entire oil patch? … and be able to zoom in to see all the details … or search to find literally any location by more ways than you could imagine … […]

20 March 2016
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Trade in … Trade up to PatchMap-GPS

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to read my last post and see that we not only had a new product called PatchMap-Lite … but what he liked most was the offer to Trade up from PatchMap-Lite to PatchMap-GPS should someone find that they needed the big guns. Being obviously quite sharp, he saw a […]

18 March 2016
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PatchMap-Lite has finally arrived !!

For several years others have been creating shallow versions of our mainstay PatchMap SD for Garmin GPS product. Anyone who has compared the products side by side knows that they are very different tools with a similarity that is only skin deep … the inference to what they’re supposed to do. These light versions have traditionally […]