Teaming Up With Backroads

2 February 2015
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Backroads MapBooks

SkyBase Solutions has teamed up with Backroad GPS Maps to bring you the most complete recreational GPS map on the market! If you are looking for our tried and trusted map data for hunting, fishing, hiking etc. previously sold as SkyBase Solutions BushMap Hunting Maps for your Garmin GPS they can now be found in Backroads GPS Maps.

The Alberta Backroad GPS Maps  combine the power of industry-leading road and recreation maps with newly added Oil and Gas Resource Data, placing the most comprehensive and powerful GPS source in the palm of your hands. No other source offers as up-to-date backroad, trail and recreation information for all of Alberta like this. The Backroad Alberta GPS Maps enhance the 1:50,000 Alberta SRD Resource Maps and also have the added value of detailed city and highway information, including street addresses and searchable township section numbers or grids, to provide a safe and reliable product that will truly get you from your home to the Great Outdoors. In addition to easy access to the patented Backroad Mapbook Points of Interest and recreation descriptions, you can even use the Alberta GPS Maps in Garmin’s MapSource, Basecamp and RoadTrip.

Backroads has many options available including paper mapbooks and provincial GPS maps. Many of these maps are available for sale at SkyBase Solutions in Grande Prairie as well as in our online shop.


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