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I just wanted to say a few things about Map Buddy and AgMap, the program we use with it.

Legal Alfalfa

In the past we had to tape portions of county maps together to build our large map that went in our trucks for the drivers to get to and from fields. With the aid of Skybase Solutions we are now able to  get a map of our working area printed off in one piece and the quality of paper you print it on has saved us from having to get the maps laminated.


Also, as we add fields or remove fields year to year it is very easy to update. We also use AgMap to build individual field map books. This shows the operators/drivers the field outline, entrances as well as hazards that may be in each field. There are features built into it that have really helped our operation (Land locations/acre measurement/distance measurements). It has been a very good program to work with and Skybase has been there along the way for any help that was needed.

Thank-you from Legal Alfalfa Products!