Mapping Technology Cuts Transportation Costs | SkyBase Solutions

Here’s one from 2011:

“We performed a rig move using the tool to get a sense of its business value,” said Len Hudema, Procurement lead. “The results were very favorable — we saved more than $90,000 on a single move. The technology produced a direct route from point A to B using oilfield roads we would otherwise not have been aware of.”

The team mapped out the route and then consulted with the Surface Land and Construction department to ensure that all required road agreements were in place. The approved route was then sent as a GPS downloadable file to the transportation company. It included detailed turn-by-turn directions to get the equipment and the crew to the job site — no photocopies or handwritten directions and no lost crew.


“This tool can aid in to setting up rigs and operations faster, in some cases a full day or two earlier,” Hudema said. “The cost reductions can be significant, particularly with savings on rental charges and hourly transportation fees.” But the benefits don’t end there. Safety risks are reduced as detailed directions and hazard alerts, such as chain-up areas for winter driving, are supplied for each route. And, as less driving is required carbon dioxide emissions are decreased, lessening Devon’s environmental impact.

Devon-smallWe are excited about the potential for this tool, not only because it increases efficiency, but also because it allows us enhance our ability to partner with the operations folks by providing solid and credible information,” said Hudema. “We really pride ourselves on planning every transport with continuous improvement in mind. This tool can help us be more efficient at what we already do.”

Len Hudema credits PatchMap with saving Devon time and money while increasing safety for contractors that move rigs trucks.