That's More than 3 Times the Distance Around the Equator !

Rob Coutts: Instigator @ SkyBase Solutions

Re PatchMap: We often get asked about how we are different from other products, which, although it is a legitimate question, it’s hard to answer as I often don’t know where to begin. There are so many different ways that we out perform everyone else … so much so, we really don’t consider anyone else as a competitor !

In the end, as we are all about routing people into oil & gas land locations, it comes down to the fact that PatchMap has about 150,000 km of roads that no one else has … that’s more than three times the distance around the equator ! … and two and a half times the kms of railroad there is in all of Canada ! … and almost half the distance to the moon ! ….  that’s not in total, that’s more than anyone else !  

So if you were going to count on a tool that navigates you all the way to a wellsite, which would you choose ? (Hint: SkyBase’s PatchMap)

Then there’s the fact that PatchMap drives you to the surface wellsite locations … even if they are named, as the AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) does, by the bottomhole location … how do we even do that ? no one else even understands what the problem is !

If you have worked in the ‘patch’ very long at all,  you will remember the (only one if you’re lucky) time that you found yourself on the wrong side of the river … and a few extra hours of driving away from where you supposed to be … there are no excesses anymore … there’s PatchMap.

All you guys (and gals) in the field have a navigational and safety support system at your fingertips … yes, it’s called PatchMap … and most of you reading this probably already own a PC or SD card version and I’ll bet that you know someone else that could benefit from PatchMap right now.

Did you notice that we have made it possible for you to make a few bucks or use it towards a discount on more of our products by simply directing someone to us through a link on virtually all of our webpages ?  It’s called our “Leader Program” look for this button:     Send Us A Lead     You don’t have to complete a sale … just get us in contact with the correct people and we’ll make sure that you are compensated for your efforts ! It is as easy as it sounds ! … and it works for any of our products.


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