Hot off the Press ... The Card Swap

14 August 2016
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Well, what do you know … someone actually read this website and discovered that they could trade in an Oiltrax card for something useful … a PatchMap SD card … Happy Trails folks.

And here it is pasted on our wall for all to see … We’ll get some sort of frame soon and do it up a bit nicer. If anyone else out there is thinking about upgrading to the ‘real thing’ … (PatchMap, of course) … come get the ‘real deal’ … any oil & gas navigation card from any vintage will get you a $149.00 discount on a new PatchMap SD for Garmin GPSs … so, go ahead and see what you can find on Facebook or Kijiji or can win in a poker game, we don’t care; our interest is getting you rigged up as safely as possible, with real understanding of where you are and where you’re going and with some peace of mind for a change !

– Rob Coutts

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