The Season of Pain ?

A shout out to all our Oil & Gas customers:

We feel your pain … we would like to help you trim a few costs by getting efficient … and we’re going to eat 20% on our PC products this Christmas season to prove it ! Best take advantage: ends Jan4 2016.


Some folks look at our products and think “I’ve got all the maps that I need” but in these days of  ‘what you see is not what you get’ everyone thinks that you’ll get less than advertised …  with PatchMap products it’s exactly the other way around:

All you need is to have one crew that is lost for a couple hours and you have paid for our gear in that truck! … and you know that it’s bound to happen. Even the old timers among us will admit that they have been temporarily misplaced in the past … and if pushed a little, it might be agreed that it was ‘recently’.

As PatchMap can be found in paper maps, off the shelf GPS units, computer programs, on the web even as overlays on your vehicle tracking systems, there is no other system that is as dedicated to keeping everyone on the same page as us!

Do you need to get a proper route time for a slow moving vehicle? … or to route via the road use agreement instead of a fastest route? … do you need to know if there are road restrictions on route? … or perhaps where the active Rigs are?

If you are dispatching several crews or need help building ERPs or filling JMFs accurately … we are the ONLY tool that can do that … cause we are the only one with all the roads.

Forgot to get the coords for the STARS landing application? … zoom … DONE! (PatchMap-Web can even tell you how long it will take them to respond) … want a bunch more ways to save with PatchMap products? … spend some time here.

ALL of these situations are satisfied with … you guessed it … PatchMap-Web, PatchMap-MapBuddy and if it makes it out in time, PatchMap-PC 2.0. Each PC product has it’s forte and they are all at the same, all time low price of $795/yr ’til Jan4/16 … volume discounts start at 2 !

Like Crocodile Dundee said: “That’s not a map …. THIS IS A MAP!”  * well, he used ‘knife’ of course.






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