The Snowflake SALE

Sometimes non defined boundaries … are kind of fun

How about a YUGE discount on ALL PatchMap products instead of one at a time

… $200 off of:

  • PatchMap PC 2.0
  • PatchMap DisPatch on MapBuddy
  • PatchMap Web

… $100 off of:

  • PatchMap SD for Garmin

But it all ends when the FIRST SNOWFLAKE FALLS !

Looks like the “Patch” is stabilizing a bit and isn’t it about time?

PatchMap has always been one of the tools that support field crews in ways that seem to elude their managers as a sensible way to spend their money, so to support these innovative souls, we occasionally have a sale of certain products … this time we are going to go across the board … maybe an occasional manager will do the efficiency calculation and side with their more efficient employees too!

Bulk / volume deals will be based on this sale pricing so let’s go, rig up the whole team!


PatchMap 2.0 – Snowflake SALE $795.00/year ($200 off )

PatchMap MapBuddy – Snowflake SALE $795.00/year ($200 off)

PatchMap Web – Snowflake SALE $795.00/year ($200 off)


PatchMap SD – Snowflake SALE $395.00 ($100 off)



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