"We Pride Ourselves on Doing the Bare Minimum"

Said no company ever! And yet it is very interesting to see and hear so many stories that break down to exactly that.

As some of you may know we are spending the next few days at the Peace Region Petroleum Show right here in Grande Prairie. Being new to the company, this was a great chance to mix and mingle with oil & gas reps at all ends of the spectrum, (we’re talking suit n tie to full FR). I’ll be upfront and let you know that I come to SkyBase knowing very little about the industry and hoping some tools from previous work experience will translate. This being the case I spent the day really analyzing the audience, taking in the atmosphere and trying to hear what’s being said between the lines. One day in and I have a few thoughts I would like to share. Why have a forum if you can’t do a little rant, right?!

1. “My company won’t go for it, but I know this is something I need” – This we hear almost every day. Workers on an hourly wage taking time on their days off (far and few between) to seek out the tools they need to succeed. 90% of the traffic through our doors and by our booth today were employees. Not owners or managers, not supervisors, but the guys out in the field on the job.

We sell a tool that we know and have seen time and time again: increase efficiency, boost worker productivity, decrease workplace stress and save money. This tool is also what we consider a basic must-have in terms of safety. So I sit and scratch my head. I can’t imagine an employee would be expected to source out their own swamp mats when needed to get on site. So why is a navigation system any different?

2. “they went with __________ to save money, so most of the time I’m back to the trusty paper map” again, the employee who is given a tool that will do 70% of what they need it to. I may be out to lunch, but last time I checked 70% is nearing in on a failing grade. I spoke to numerous individuals today who had been provided with navigational tooling that just isn’t cutting it.

A lease hand says to his supervisor “Well I think I have done a great job today. I did a little over half of what you asked.” You get my point. He would be given a swift kick in the pants and sent home permanently. So why can the tables be turned they other way without question?

3. “I think we have a system installed but I’ve never been able to figure it out”. This one gets me every time! You spent the money to give them the tool, but you can’t spend 5 minutes ensuring they have a user guide or a clue. Regardless of the system you are using, this makes no sense. Yes to some a digital map is simple and straightforward, a few button presses and you’re out the door. Others may need a little assistance. How do you say…Training! This is not a long process, no classroom necessary, but training can be the difference between success and utter failure.

So I go back to the beginning. “We pride ourselves on doing the bare minimum”. I am starting to be of the impression that this is not openly spoken of, but bordering on industry standard. There is a need for what we do. We see it, your employees see it. So why is it such a hard sell to the guy calling the shots? Does his bonus depend on a penny saved? Does he not understand, or just not care? In any it makes me wonder. Tomorrow is another day of analysis and I’ll let you know if I find the answer. In the meantime I would love some feedback or insight on the topic.

All Roads Lead to SkyBase

– Lisa

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