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20 March 2016
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Well, it didn’t take long for someone to read my last post and see that we not only had a new product called PatchMap-Lite … but what he liked most was the offer to Trade up from PatchMap-Lite to PatchMap-GPS should someone find that they needed the big guns.


Being obviously quite sharp, he saw a small opening that he wanted to see if he could open a bit further … “What about allowing me to trade my (brand X) product for PatchMap-GPS; would you allow me the same $149 credit?” Well, strangely I only thought about it for a few seconds and said “Sure, why not … if you supply a working SD card of anyone else’s oil & gas product, I’ll give you $149 credit towards a PatchMap-GPS” … this solves more than one problem, his as a dissatisfied user of an inferior product and mine, getting rid of some confusion in the marketplace … “If you are disappointed in the product that you now have; and a direct comparison will always enlist buyer’s remorse, you deserve to be happy and I know only one way to fix that … let’s get you rigged up!” … and as you see in the graphics, that includes those used by the tracking companies!

So dig around in all those drawers … as long as we can determine that it is an SD card built for oil & gas navigation … we’ll make $149 of credit available to purchase a PatchMap-GPS card.

I could go on and on but let’s just say if you give us a call, we will make your day!

– Rob Coutts

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