AgMap PC | Watch it in Action

AgMap PC Overview

AgMap PC extends the capabilities of the FREE version of MapBuddy. Search for any quartersection in the Canadian Township System; have a boundary drawn and a centroid automatically created and named. Move the waypoint to the correct approach and transfer it to your Garmin GPS units. Save the file for future use ... it's all here!

AgMap PC Uses

If your work takes you into the farmland areas of the Canadian Prairies whether it is for Aerial Spraying, Crop or Hail Insurance, as a Realtor or Auctioneer or a field mechanic or tire repair specialist, this is the tool to makes sure you know where to go.

AgMap PC Features

Save your searches for next year's work or put them all together to document your yearly job load. Add photos to the job waypoints, even point to the files or folder on your Dropbox. It's all here.

AgMap PC Updates

As quarter sections don't move around much, there isn't much need for changes but we will from time to time add capabilities.

AgMap PC Price Tag

$149.00 is a one time cost.
This video shows the basic capabilities of the AgMap Extension.


Quarter Sections | AgMap PC 
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