What GPS will work with PatchMap

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Like many areas of technology, Garmin is continuously updating their hardware and the functionality of the GPS. As such, there are certain models of the GPS that will work a little differently than others. If you are buying a new GPS and need to know if it will be compatible with your PatchMap Card, here are a few things to check for:

  1. Does it have an SD or a MicroSD slot in the side of the GPS (without this slot, PatchMap WILL NOT WORK)
  2. Is your GPS made by Garmin? PatchMap is not compatible with others i.e. TomTom, Magellan etc.
  3. Avoid Models – Dezl 560, Nuvi 2460, 2360, 2350, 2250 (these are older models that are not PatchMap compatible)

Will PatchMap work in my new Dashboard GPS (Ford, GMC, Dodge etc) ? Unfortunately the answer is no. These pre-built GPS units that come installed in your vehicle do not have the appropriate SD slot for and Mapping Software.

If you have a question regarding a specific model, please post below. Your questions may be helpful to other users!

7 responses on “What GPS will work with PatchMap

  1. SkyBase Help says:

    Hi Brian,
    Good question. PatchMap is compatible with the Kenwood DNX9980 & DNX9990. If this is the model of the unit you have PatchMap will work. Please keep in mind like some of the Garmins, the search in the Kenwood will be a little bit different. If you would like some training, or help doing the installation just give us a call. 1-780-814-2130. We are happy to help you out.

  2. Ryan says:

    The newer Ford Nav systems (Super Duties) have an SD card slot….will patch map work in these models?

  3. SkyBase says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Unfortunately this SD slot from Ford (similar story with all of the other built in Nav systems) was not designed to accept new maps. This SD slot will take a card to update the maps that are already installed. These are your basic City Navigator maps from Garmin. Trust me, we would love to have this capability, but the truck companies did not leave room for us in their design. The reasoning being “there are too few people that would require a specialized map” so it was not worth the extra few dollars on their end to include the option. So for now, we are out of luck.

    Thanks for Posting!

  4. Jen Sarnecki says:

    PLEASE make a PatchMap that works with OTHER GPS device makes and models. We are on our 3rd piece of $h#% Garmin that has stopped working, yet again, a little more than a year after purchase. Conveniently right after the warranty is up. We need Patchmap; but paying $150 every year for a new Garmin is ridiculous.

  5. Rob Coutts says:

    Garmin GPS are by far the best that are available.
    Which models have you had, perhaps we could suggest a model that is more robust for your application.

  6. Rob Coutts says:

    PatchMap does work with all Garmin GPS units. Some GPS units such as the Dezl 560, a key feature is not functioning the same as all the other models which makes it a pain to use. This can be fixed with a firmware upgrade at any moment … this isn’t anything we can control. We complain to Garmin and hope for a firmware change … it has happened before.

  7. Rob Coutts says:

    As mentioned before, PatchMap functions in all Garmin GPS units. There is a peculiarity with the search engine in the Dezl 560 (but not any other Dezl model) that will make it much less agreeable to use. There are Dezl 560 owners using PatchMap comfortably by using our workaround to this problem.
    The convenience that I’m referring to is the Dezl 560 does not read ‘cities’ from third party maps. Garmin can fix this with a firmware update and they might have done that … without a Dezl 560 with the latest firmware loaded, to test on, I cannot say if this has happened. Until someone can confirm the changes, we would not recommend the Dezl 560 but PatchMap still functions on the unit.

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