What We Do — The Answer for the JOEs

31 March 2014
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What We Do — The Answer for the JOEs:                                                                              (just tell me why spending this money makes sense)

We make you and your field staff efficient and effective by eliminating one of the most costly yet overlooked expenses: loss of time. We all have heard this argument before so let me put this claim into a context that you have experienced.

What if you could search for, find and determine, very accurately, how far and how long it will take for you to drive to any land location, wellsite, compressorsite or plantsite anywhere in the western Canadian oil and gas fields … even print off a map and turn by turns, ALL in about 2 minutes? Oh and you are the ‘new guy’ and have never worked in this area before … How does that compare with how you do things right now? … And not to scare you but the guys signing off on your ticket are starting to use this same software …

What if you are the ‘lone wolf’ driver that makes all that equipment disappear from one location and reappear in another, typically in the middle of the night, with no office to back up your ‘is this the road or is it the next one’ question? …. well, no problem if you are using our GPS product and maybe you just saved a whole lot more than the time it took to find a place to turn around on the wrong road.

And how much of our ‘get out of jail free” software could you have bought when you had to bring in a CAT to turn the rig around when backing up in those road conditions was NOT a possibility, let alone not an option? and as luck would have it, he had to walk three miles to the top of the hill to get a call out to some pissed off guy who’s sleep he just disturbed (was that you?) … gotta love this job … and no, he never once swore at the directions he got scribbled on the paper napkin from the coffee shop this morning …

Then there’s the job that you lost “Cause you took too long to get here” … when you went to the bottom hole LSD, on the wrong side of the Peace River because that’s what the office gave you …. WOW, what did that cost? not just this job but all the rest that there would have been? … wouldn’t have happened if you had been using our software.

So, if you were the guy who had ‘skin in the game’ of what I just described, you should see the efficiency    (= your summer vacation er … money) that was piling up … rather quickly … but there’s more to see:

what about all those other issues picking away at your back pocket like all the due diligence associated with ‘journey management, work alone, workplace safety, WCB, and communication systems’ … let’s put it another way: about half of these issues either are covered or partially covered by implementing the same  tools that I am (however slowly) convincing you will bring you efficiency … killing several birds with one stone.

If you use PatchMap on your PC to help bid the job, then dispatch the crews with it … put one or two in the trucks so key personnel have the ability to go anywhere at anytime, even be redirected half way out to a job without worrying … you both will be more comfortable that the job will go smoothly, it will be done safer, no cursing at poor directions (oh ya, they were) … and, no calls in the middle of the night! … You should be feeling better already…

But there’s more: remember when you were convinced that you needed to know where all your field personnel were at any moment in time (yup, it’s a safety issue) so you geared up and now you look at the web based interface … well map, and you see all your guys out there… in white space … wouldn’t it be nice if you could see all the roads that you know are there and maybe the land location names and, well, an actual MAP … well, you can. We also have a map overlay that gives you all that spacial awareness on that platform too! You just have to ask for it … even if your AVL guys don’t have it available now, we have made it very easy for them to install PatchMap into their system …

We have had guys phone us two days after buying our PC product saying that it paid for itself by noon the first day … doesn’t get much better than that! Then there’s the O&G company that calculated a saving of more than $3,000,000 …  in one winter, in one area, in rig moves alone … there it just got better!

So what kind of return on investment can you expect? Well if today will be the day you have to hire a CAT to get out of a tight spot … it’s already paid for itself!  The cost is less than putting a tire on the front of your big truck, or a pair on your pick-up … or a couple/three hours of misdirected driving … so a few days .. maybe a week? … maybe a month … unless you’re keeping track, you’ll never know.

Does this makes sense for your operation? I guess it’s about whether you think efficiency is working  harder or working smarter, safer and cheaper.

Efficiency created by using any of our PatchMap products makes your job easier, makes the crew’s job easier, keeps your customers happy, keeps the unseen pocket book bleeding to a minimum … and even satisfies some due diligence issues.

No one actually takes the time to calculate efficiency …                                                       but you’ll know when you have it  …                                                                                            you’ll be able to feel it ! (the due diligence is free)!


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