What We Do — The Answer for the PROs (A 2-Part Article)

What We Do …Two Answers:
One for the PRO one for JOE 


The Answer for the PROs:                                                                           (just the cold hard facts; I’ll read between the lines myself)

We create and build specialized navigation software tools (primarily) for the oil & gas industry. Included in the software solutions is a unique oil & gas GIS and road dataset. We are leaders in GPS, PC and web based search, navigation and logistical tools. Our tools always involve GPS, or connectivity to communicate with GPS as ultimately, GIS information can only be collected and  verified/used by being able to (easily) navigate back to the collection/calculated locations. Photo georeferencing  and map based photo visualization is useful for a multitude of purposes so many of our tools involve this capability. e.g. We pioneered the commercial (oil & gas) collection and map visualization of 360­° photos.

Although 5000+ ‘feet on the ground’ are using our products and are convinced of the efficiency, effectiveness and usefulness, with ROIs as short as a few days,  adopting our system really ought to be a ‘no-brainer’.

In the last two years we have created a new software solution that allows us to offer unique GIS/navigation/reporting/sharing tools, whose results can be shared via a free viewer/transfer to GPS program. Results from the various tools, as they use the same base program, can be visualized simultaneously.

Part of our system leverages the Google Map API so imagery (always requested) is automatically available anywhere on the planet. The free base program is called MapBuddy, to which additional functionality is added via activating extension codes.

Leveraging our unique GIS and routable road dataset we create:

*** Specialized Maps for Garmin GPS: AgMap (agriculture); BushMap (recreation); PatchMap (oil & gas)

*** Specialized Map for Garmin’s PC programs (MapSource, BaseCamp): PatchMap

*** Standard (to us) and Custom wall and trucker (paper) maps

*** Software for building Garmin GPS maps (AddMyMap)

*** Software for georeferencing and manipulating photos for field reporting (FieldPhoto, FieldView)

*** Software for PC/web server connected, meeting/sharing GIS (soon)

*** Software for supplying oil & gas web tile layers to AVL and GIS systems

*** Software utilizing Google Maps API: MapBuddy (base functions); AgMap PC, BushMap, PatchMap, PatchMap Dispatch, Boreal Laser and many more (code activated extensions)

Basically, we make a lot of different people efficient.


Oh, and even if you are a PRO … read the JOE version too !


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