When will PatchMap 'App-en?

28 May 2013
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The digital product world changes quickly, so we are always forward thinking.  We are currently developing new applications for Android, including a PatchMap version. This Android version of PatchMap is designed to function both in and out of cell service. We realize that your work more often than not takes you past the service areas of your phone. For the record: Due to endless restrictions from the iOS ecosystem, PatchMap is not anticipated to be available on iPhone or iPad. At SkyBase we pride ourselves on leading the industry. We never want to develop a product at a lower standard for the sake of having it fit within the limitations of a venue. PatchMap Android is in development – stay tuned for official launch dates.

One response on “When will PatchMap ‘App-en?

  1. SkyBase says:

    Hi Gordon,

    We have re-directed our efforts to some different areas of new technology. At this point in time we do not have an Application for Android. We will have a ‘PatchMap DisPatch’ web page version within the next few months that will be able to search for all these and create routes for printing or emailing, including a map if desired but it will be an on-line only web page tool … functioning in all OSs but will be kind of hard to use on a phone. This is designed for PC or perhaps tablet use. Hope that helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact the store to see if we can find a solution for your needs!

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