When Your Phone Rings

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When a call comes in; you’ve got a job … what logistically do you need to know to proceed?


  • where is it?
  • how do I get there?
  • how long does it take?
  •   * which field office should respond?
  • how do I get the info to create a journey management plan?
  • I’ll need an emergency response plan too:
    •   * what’s the nearest town?
    •   * what is the egress route:
      •   * * are there alternatives?
    •   * navigation to nearest hospital?
    •   * will a first-aid attendant be required?
  • is there accommodation there or nearby; who to call?

Details, details, details …


Here’s how to satisfy every one of those questions and a dozen more besides:

A software that allows the searches you need …

  • both surface and bottomhole for wellsites
  • compressors
  • plantsites by location or name
  • any township land location
  • any street address
  • geographical coordinate
  • active drilling rig locations
    •   * nearest hospital
    •   * town
    •   * O&G waste facility
    •   * permanent camp
    •   * STARS facility and response time

and the necessary routing with turns and map to any any all of the above … with free access to road and bridge restrictions with direct link to the permit company

  • via printout to letter, legal or tabloid sizes
  • via PC screen for copy & pastes
  • via sharing an ActiveMap with smartphone

add to this the ability to share with other offices or service companies so they don’t get something incorrect … especially if there are road avoidances or road use agreements in place.

If you have vehicle tracking, the overlays can be available there as well.

There is only one product anywhere that can do all these things … and that is PatchMap.


So with all this in mind …. what is the ROI on PatchMap for Office use:

Let’s say you have 5 crews (the minimum to afford a full time manager) and they visit an average of three sites each day. How much would you pay per location visited to make sure they were able to drive straight to each and every location?

Would you pay:

  •   *  $50 ?  … Ya, probably kind of high
  •   *  $10 ? …. Well, probably but only if there was no other choice
  •   *  $5 ? … That sounds closer to a good deal
  •   *  $1 ? … Definitely affordable
  •   *  25¢ ? … Ya, not possible to do it for that much

Buying PatchMap is a no-brainer then … ‘cause only it costs 18¢/location !


But you are only an Owner / Operator and only go to a couple locations every week …

so, how much would you pay … no matter how much it was used?

  •   *  $5/day ?
  •   *  $3/day ?

How about 2 gallons of fuel … would that be too much? … half of what you paid for your Tim’s coffee?

Buying PatchMap is still a no-brainer … ‘cause it only costs $2.73/day even at the level of a single user!

So how many minutes a day do you have to save to get a payback?

What do you charge … $60/hr?  that’ll be 2¾ minutes/day … do you think that you’ll save that much time?  And of course you’re probably charging more like $200/hr … so <50 seconds.


So, it doesn’t matter how big your operation or what you leverage PatchMap for …

  •   *  from Journey Management and Emergency Response Plans
    •   * * turns and map … sharable via PatchMap-Web and ActiveMap (any smartphone)
  •   * Road Bans, Bridge Restrictions and Permitting
  •   * from finding where the nearest accommodations are (and who to call)
  •   * if you’ll need a First Aid Truck on-site
  •   * other possible egress routes ….


It’s all there in one simple tool and at a no-brainer price too! Buy PatchMap or GET LOST!

       BTW: here’s an ROI calculator in case you’d like to flip a few of your own figures around.



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