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Job Bidding . Dispatching . Oil & Gas Maps in a GPS . Trucker or Wall Maps

SkyBase Solutions contributes to the successful  job bidding, dispatching, navigation, and safety awareness for a growing number of industry leading service companies in Oilfield, Forestry and Government.

There’s tools for Garmin GPS, PCs and for the Web too … oh ya, there’s paper maps for when all the power goes out. 


How can dispatching software claim to be able to dispatch into the Canadian oilpatch without a third of the roads?  …  Do they cross their fingers that they won’t be called on that little detail ? …  it certainly should be a question you ask of your dispatching software and/or vehicle tracking company … or are you content with a ‘lip service’ solution ? (HINT: read the forum – lots points to check)

PatchMap is a solution for the little guys and the big guys too ! …  so I’m sure that includes YOU !


PatchMap is the oilfield road champion … that’s our specialty

Don’t be disappointed, hook up with a PatchMap product and be done with it !


Which PatchMap is right for you? differences described here.

We were recently accused of not stating that our products are by far the best, that the extra cost was worth every penny and more ... well, we're saying it now!

Return On Investment, can be as short as the end of the first day! Does it get better than that?

If you save time, you save money.

But you have lots of time ... and lots of money ... right?


Rob Coutts | President

Calling all satisfied customers! 

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Client Testimonials

  • Here's one from 2011:

    “We performed a rig move using the tool to get a sense of its business value,” said Len Hudema, Procurement lead. “The results were very favorable — we saved more than $90,000 on a single move. The technology produced a direct route from point A to B using oilfield roads we would otherwise not have been aware of.”
    The team mapped out the route and then consulted with the Surface Land and Construction department to ensure that all required road agreements were in place. The approved route was then sent as a GPS downloadable file to the transportation company. It included detailed turn-by-turn directions to get the equipment and the crew to the job site — no photocopies or handwritten directions and no lost crew.   (more…)

  • "Thank you sir for making and providing such a fine product.
    The in-house software that most of my coworkers use doesn't hold a candle to the PatchMap software's superior ease of use, routing capabilities and accuracy.
    I really appreciate things like knowing where the kilometre markers are along major roads and the radio frequencies of a road, in case I miss the billboard sign. I feel like I've been so spoiled using PatchMap that I don't know what I would do if I ever lost it.
       I never head out into the field anymore without making sure that PatchMap is running.
      Thanks again, your software is incredible!"

    William McLeod - Altus Geomatics

  • IMAG0664 Who says you have to be young to use PatchMap? Harry has been using PatchMap for many years already. "I've send quite a few guys here ... one engineer couldn't believe that I would know that we were at an orphan well."

    Harry Kinakin - Mullen Pilot

  • Eddie Fisher - Spartan Controls "Our Service technicians prefer the Patchmap software for searching LSD’s versus competitive products.  The Patchmap guidance provides a much clearer route and the route navigation trail does not get overlaid with other roads, pipelines or other POI’s that appear on the GPS screen.  It is much easier to follow the direction to the desired site.  We also had an instance where the competitive product guided us to a location with an estimated ETA of 4 hours, for a site that was 45 minutes from town."

    Eddie Fisher - GM Spartan Controls, Peace Region

  • Map Buddy seems to be a more user friendly experience. I find it easier to create routes using waypoints as the map allows you to scroll around while you have selected the waypoint tool. The turn by turn directions are in a much better format and easier to follow. I have found it easier to create routes to a site as when you drop a waypoint it gives it a number by default as opposed to Mapsource which gave a physical address. The maps themselves are much more detailed and have more road names on them as opposed to just PDR #’s. In general I find Mapbuddy to be a little faster to do a lot of the things that I used to do using Mapsource. We have been using Patchmap for numerous years now and we could not survive without it.

    Art Smith - Operations Manager V.E. Brandl Ltd

  • After a friend borrowed my Garmin Nuvi 40 with the PatchMap software, he saved himself 1580 kilometers of driving within 3 days, by taking the back roads from Fort St John BC to the Chinn Inn at kilometer 160 on the Chinchaga Forestry Service road. It saved him over 8 hours of driving each of those three days. After getting done those trips, he realized the benefit and now has his own Garmin with PatchMap! With all the twists and turns on that route, he was amazed just how accurate PatchMap is, and how easy it is to use.  

    Robert Hergott - Justifiable Safety Management Services Ltd

  • Darral Campbell - KCDC Ltd Darral Campbell has been using PatchMap since 2009 and has had it in his dash mounted navigation Kenwood system for over a year. "PatchMap is great! I've been working south of Dawson Creek lately and I didn't know that area well; all the roads and names and everything were in there. The road names don't make any sense compared to Alberta so it saved me many times."

    Darral Campbell - KCDC Ltd.

  • "We set our sales team up with PatchMap and saw an increase in numbers within a few weeks. Our staff can spend their time making a sale rather than pulling out their hair figuring out how to find the client. It was a no brainer for us."

    - Industrial Technology Sales Manager

  • The PatchMap system has lots of information on it. The well site information is very helpful when you want to see what the status of the well is. The direction the well bore is drilled and the approximate length. The office staff have been very helpful. They will take the time to explain over the phone or if you stop by their office

    Terry @Husky Energy

  • I feel completely lost without my PatchMap. I don't even bother with paper maps anymore. A huge time-saver.

    Kevin @Whelp Creek Consulting

  • I have been using your Agmap product for many years in my aerial crop spraying operation. I put the GPS in off road mode and enter the farmers LLD and it takes me straight to the Center of the desired field. I have become so confident with it that I never open a map while flying.

    Keith Taylor @ Taylor Aviation