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    Can't beat it! Advertise your company on one of our high-quality waterproof maps. Let us help you put your business directly in the hands of your target audience in the oil and gas industry of Western Canada. Learn more here.

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    588,500 km of backroads, 720,000 Wellsites, 3 Provinces


    Oilfield Navigation Solutions include detailed paper maps, wall maps, digital Garmin GPS & PC Maps, Dispatching Systems, Custom GPS Mapping Projects, Photo Tools, Project & GIS Systems and More.

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    For the Outdoor Enthusiast!


    The ultimate set of routable backcountry maps. SkyBase Solutions keep you safe and on the right track at work and at play. The must-haves for any outdoor enthusiast.

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  • AgMap Farm Finder for GPS

    Farm Finder For Real Estate . Sales . Agriculture


    AgMap contains all the quarter sections of surveyed farmland in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and North Eastern British Columbia. Search the legal, find the farm – it’s that easy.

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PatchMap PC is ideal for dispatching and job bidding Oilfield Solutions - The ultimate tool for Dispatching and Job bidding in Western Canada. PatchMap for PCs is the most comprehensive set of continually updated oilfield roads in existence, covering Saskatchewan, Alberta and NE British Columbia. With PatchMap PC you are just a few clicks away from a job-specific digital oilfield map. Printable maps with turn by turn directions and detail you won't find elsewhere. Our topographical maps feature Oilfield Operator Name, type of Facility (Wellsite, Compressorsite, Plantsite). Learn oilfield well info – operator name, license date, current operator, drill path and strike zone. Our BC oilfield data even includes cancelled locations. More features exclusive to PatchMap only. See radio frequencies attached to the road names, along with kilometer posts. You'll only get these details with PatchMap. Winter access is visibly different from all-weather access. Learn More
PatchMap SD for Garmin GPS is ideal for LSD search in Western Canada's OilPatch Oilfield Solutions - PatchMap is the Most Complete Set of Garmin GPS Oilfield Locations and Road Information Available. Not only will this program search for LSDs, PatchMap will also search Operator Name or type of Facility (Wellsite, Compressorsite, Plantsite). PatchMap is the only software searchable this way. We know how important having all the roads are, so we do ... to the tune of 130,000 km more than any other product. That's why PatchMap is so popular. Find an LSD quickly with the help of PatchMap. Learn More
BushMap, hunting maps for Garmin GPS is ideal for any backwoods navigation. Recreational Solutions - BushMap is the ultimate set of routable backcountry maps designed for your Garmin GPS. This easy to use Recreational GPS map is the most complete on the market. BushMap keeps you safer at work and at play, and it’s a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. You’ll be aware of your surroundings at all times, and you’ll give friends and family peace of mind the next time you trek into the bush on foot, ATV, or snowmobile. Now with routable roads, BushMap keeps you aware of your surroundings, making it easy to make safe decisions. Learn More
AgMap SD for Garmin GPS is ideal for legal land location Agricultural Solutions - Use AgMap to find your way to any farm in Western Canada. AgMap contains all of the quarter sections of surveyed farmland in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and North Eastern British Columbia. Search the legal, find the farm – it’s that easy. Learn More
AgMap PC - the office manager's tool - ideal for Agronomists, Ag Service, Realtors, Insurance Adjusters and Auctioneers. Draw the boundaries of quarter sections on Google's satellite view for visualization of the job at hand. Print for the job sheet or export as .kml links, save for future use. This is now an Extension to MapBuddy. Learn More
AddMyMap - ideal for creating your own Garmin Maps with SHP files Advanced Solutions - AddMyMap is the software solution for any Garmin GPS user who wants to add their own waypoints and tracks to their GPS. Even for those who don't know where to start. AddMyMap is everything you need to change SHP files into Garmin map with just a few easy clicks. Very complicated maps have been built with this tool for seismic and forestry applications ... the field staff love it ! Learn More
Paper Maps - ideal for the guy who just loves a good old fashioned paper map Oilfield Solutions - With comprehensive road data across Alberta and BC we have compiled several regional maps both trucker style paper maps and full laminated wall maps for your home or office. These maps include winter roads & road names, township grids, gas plants, lakes, rivers & streams, parks & protected areas, Indian reserves & more. We are also able to create custom maps based on your needs. Contact us for a quote today. Learn More
As Northern Alberta's Mapping experts, we know a thing or two about GPS units. We carry a tried and tested line of Garmin GPS units and RAM Mounting Hardware. Units are available online and in store. Learn More

Safety is a growing concern, and each year the technology gets better. We are always up on the latest and currently stock a lineup of inReach and SPOT Satellite Communication Units. We also carry the necessary hardware you need for mounting. Learn More

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